My name is Nicole, and I have an ongoing love affair with all things fiber arts.

During my childhood, I was quite close with my Grandma Joanne. She would sew and crochet lovely things for all her grandchildren (care to see my afghan collection? it’s extensive) and taught those of us who took an interest.

My Grandma was creative in a variety of disciplines, as so many of her generation were. She is part of the reason why I am a firm believer that our God given creativity is something to be explored, tested, developed, and ultimately disciplined. In my three decades of life, I have dabbled in photography, water-color painting, writing poetry, sewing, and even paper-making, in my teen years. However, when I started to crochet in earnest, I knew I had found my muse. I was making things that folks needed, wanted, and would actually use-and they were adorable! As a new mom, using my invaluable creative time to make something pretty AND pragmatic was a revelation.

My mind was being flooded with my own visions of beautiful, soft, useful accessories and garments made with natural, organic fibers. I had to have an outlet, and so Naturally Nora Crochet was born.