patreon: patterns and insider videos

Now that I’ve shared a light version of tier 1 Patreon posts I will be sharing, I’d love to share with you the benefits of coming alongside me as a tier 2 and tier 3 patron.

Tier 2 is kind of a no-brainer, in m opinion. For a $6 a month subscription, you will gain access for that month to free downloads of any patterns I self-published during the last month. If I publish three patterns, you will be able to download all three, for free, to your Ravelry library via an expiring download link. This option is even more advantageous if you are an EU citizen, as you will not be charged VAT when using a free download code (that is a really significant savings!) In addition, there are many months in which I will self-publish 2-3 patterns, meaning you will have access to up to $12 worth of patterns for only $6 a month.

Tier 3  is a $9 per month subscription and, in addition to all of the tier 1 and tier 2 benefits, will also allow you access to a monthly video, which will include a personal conversation ( I’ll try ot be brief, but words are kinda my thing…) with the artists (that’s me!) about what is on the design horizon lately, a segment in which I will offer tutorials, tips, tricks, time and supply management ideas, family projects, etc., and, lastly, a reading of a literary excerpt that has inspired or challenged me lately. This content is designed specifically with the dearest Naturally Nora Crochet devotees in mind, those who find value in what I offer here and would like to have a more personal view of me as a designer, as a mama, as another woman trying to figure out how to balance it all and thrive.

Head on over to my Patreon page to have a look at the appetizer video, a little taste of what I hope to offer in a more fleshed out way in the future.

I am anticipating with great excitement the chance to share with you in a more intimate and in-depth setting some of the ideas and design processes that make this place special to me. It simply wouldn’t be the same without you and your continued encouragement and support. Thank you for finding value in what I am passionate about!

P.S. A much more typical Naturally Nora Crochet post is in the works and coming soon ;)!