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You guys, we made it! We have come so far together, and we are now talking the finest details of this branding expedition. So, in the spirit of honesty, I did not initially plan for this final post. It really wasn’t even on my radar, as I do not typically sell my finished crocheted items, so I have little to no need to consider packaging options. While scrolling through Instagram one day, I saw a post by the incomparable Hailey of Ozetta and I thought to myself, “Wow, she does packaging so, so well-it just oozes Ozetta-ness. It almost makes me want to sell finished items!” Being the super genius person I am, it finally hit me that packaging is an absolutely vital opportunity to build your brand with your customers, and it needs to have its own post (no joke, this is actually how this post happened-kind of a “duh” moment on my part!). I decided to reach out, and if Hailey was game, add this final installment to our series.  I TOLD you you were going to be excited about this final contributor!! Look at this packaging goodness:

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Would you not be so thrilled to unwrap one of these?

Hailey was kind enough to offer her thoughts on the Ozetta approach to branding with packaging. Here is what she had to say:

One of my favorite things about shopping handmade is opening a package that has been wrapped and prepared by someone. You know that song, “brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things?” Years ago when I was sourcing all my packaging details-I couldn’t stop thinking about this and how true it is. I love the rustic and traditional vibe that brown paper emanates and the way it compliments my knitwear.

For my shop, the packaging details start with the ‘Ozetta’ scripted wooden tag. When my customers open their package and they see the wooden tag-they instantly want to know more about my shop story or product. I think its important to connect your story within the packaging, because not everyone reads your bio details. It will make a more memorable shopping experience and in turn they will want to share your story with others, because in a way, they become part of it too.

Hailey invites her customers in to her cozy space, writing them into her shop’s story and purpose, and growing the Ozetta family with each well thought out package she sends out. How wonderful is that? This is such a concise compilation of authenticity, purpose, style focus, logo, and design elements; it proves in a powerful way how the branding stars can align when things are carefully considered. And, just sayin’, I totally took these photos of my own packaging vision, including the ol’ brown paper packages, before I got to read Hailey’s words, so we are most likely soul mates and best friends forever. Juuuuuust sayin’.


So, as you consider options when planning your approach to packaging, go back to some of the initial steps of this branding process. Consider what your purpose is; what is the story you are trying to share through your items and your brand? Let the answer to this question be your guide as you make decisions on papers and strings and stickers and tags and cards and all the rest.


Since I, myself, don’t have a whole lot of personal experience to offer on this front, I will leave you with a link list to explore as you begin to consider what kind of packaging is best going to match up with your maker business:

Wearhouse Industries : My source for custom buttons since 2011 (I adore working with these folks!)

All This Wood : Custom wooden tags and buttons (a popular choice, with tons of options.)

Paper Source : The BEST quality and selection for printable labels.

Leather Goods Company : While I have not personally ordered from this Bulgaria based seller, I have read good things about their service and product-do your research before buying to ensure responsibly crafted products.

The Library Press : This letter press shop is a one woman show (who happens to be a friend of mine!) Her work is gorgeous, and if you’re looking for some super professional, high impact cards, she is your girl-totally worth it!

Kraft Hang Tags

Baker’s Twine

100 Percent Recycled Fiber Paper Roll


As with all other steps of this process, to thine own self be true, allow yourself to experiment, and finally, come up with a plan you can stick with!  Above all, be AUTHENTIC, and your artistry will shine in an irresistible way!

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Can I say I feel extraordinary blessed and proud that all of these fine makers took the time to contribute to this little space? I do. And, thank you, dear readers, for journeying along with me! God speed on your own branding journey!!